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Welcome to Tsquared

We're a forecasting, strategy & insights company leveraging the world's largest behavioral database. This is a revolution in understanding the connections between people, behavior and brands

About us

We are at the forefront of cutting-edge science, using big data modelling & open source intelligence to generate action-orientated insights.

Some of the advantages include: huge base sizes, in-depth granularity, faster project turn around, homogenous insight program management, cost savings - and much more...


Our services


Tsquared is a global leader in forecasting in select categories - and our models are available in over 30 markets, and used by top 5 industry players. We apply academic rigour to deliver accurate and reliable forecasting, in a variety of B2C and B2B environments.



Our projects integrate a company's market and non-market environment, i.e. social, political, legal, technological and environmental forces. We are experts in strategic assessment and deploy a mix of methodology drawing on a gobal network of academic and business talent.



Leveraging the world's largest behavioural database means we can offer almost unlimited levels of data granularity. Add the ability to understand explicit and implicit people, behavior & brand connections - gives our clients a real competitive advantage to drive sustainable growth.

Caroline Thibodeau, COO & Co-Founder: "Tsquared is an exciting place to be: we're working at the leading edge of science, creating the next revolution of digital insight & foresight, by leveraging the world's largest behavioral database. And the immense size of the data sets means we can go into the type of detail and granularity that was unheard of even just a few months ago. This is a huge benefit in giving big base size rigor to niche samples; small brands and styles; categories like luxury which naturally have low penetration; and providing more valid and reliable early brand launch diagnostics."